The 21st century’s major socio-economic trends, most notably Industry 4.0 and the analysis of their characteristics and impacts are in the focus of research activities of the Centre.

The primary aim of the Centre of Excellence for Cybereconomy (CEC) is to conduct applied research with the above mentioned focus which takes into account the needs and interests of our potential clients. An important task of the Centre is to transform up-to-date knowledge from the latest and internationally relevant scientific research into results that may contribute to the resolution of real-life economic challenges and problems. Industry 4.0 brings not only technological changes in the production but a whole new economic system with a lot of disruptive changes in the short- and long-term that modifies current management practices (e.g. digital leadership, business models, organisational changes, HR). The CEC would like to offer its accumulated knowledge and expertise to better understand the nature of these changes and to enhance firms’ responses in this new situation. Many international research has already drawn the attention to the fact that Industry 4.0 requires adaptation from the whole economy which is a major question for local, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Currently this segment of the economy suffers from a lack of relevant knowledge and expertise which can be reduced by the various activities of our Centre. By doing so, CEC would like to contribute to the enhancement of university-industry collaborations, to the transfer of knowledge as well as the better utilization of scientific knowledge by the economy.

The main activities of the Centre:

  • Scientific and applied research, the generation of new knowledge which present additional values for our potential partners, and which can be utilized by them;
  • Policy analysis and recommendations to improve the Hungarian Industry 4.0 ecosystem;
  • Education and training activities, which help the incorporation of the latest scientific knowledge into the current curricula, thus providing up-to-date knowledge for the students.
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