The main research focus of the Centre of Excellence for Cybereconomy (CEC) is on those emerging socio-economic changes that are unfolding following the technological trends of the first two decades of the 21st century. We are interested in better understanding how these disruptive innovations influence social and economic processes, and their main impacts. The Centre is amalgamating in its approach the macro-, meso- and micro-level research and tries to discover the relationships and interactions among these levels. We put emphasis on the international aspects of the 21st century’s megatrends and focus on the interaction of local and global processes. Our further aim is to go beyond the analysis of certain manufacturing trends and reveal the affectedness of various services and service industries.

On micro-level: focusing on the human, the impact on employees, new expectations, skills and capabilities, the adaptation of single companies.

On meso-level: focusing on labour market trends, modifications in the business structure, sectoral trends, the status of innovation inside and outside of the firm or new media communications.

On macro-level: focusing on ethical issues, the Hungarian ecosystem, geo-ecological processes, the transformation of global value chains.

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