Dr.László CSONKA

Dr. László Csonka joined the Faculty of International Management and Business of Budapest Business School in the end of 2017 in order to be a part of the foundation of KiKK. Beforehand he used to work as a research fellow in the IKU Innovation Research Centre. He is an economist with sociology PhD, specializing in the economics of science, technology and innovation. His main research fields include the characteristics of the innovation processes, the operation of the innovation system and the measurement of its performance, the relations between the members of the system, the internationalization of innovation and R&D, the characteristics of the innovation processes of multinational companies and SMEs. Within KiKK, he does research into the economic effects of innovation and digitalisation, and into the adaptation that these trigger. He has taken part and led several research projects founded by EU and national sources. As a national expert, he has participated in several EU professional initiatives (ERA-Net, CREST).”

Dr.Katalin Antalóczy

Dr. Katalin Antalóczy started her career as an economist at the Institute of Finance Research, then worked as its senior researcher and research manager at its successor, the Finance Research Ltd. She has been involved in numerous domestic and international research projects, advising banks, companies and ministries. She has been a college professor at the Faculty of International Management and Business of the Budapest Business School since 2012 and since September 2018 she is the new head of the Department of International Economics. Her research interests include international trade, international capital flows, foreign economic relations of Hungary, domestic and international pharmaceutical processes. She has more than100 publications (books, book chapters, periodicals, studies) which have been published in Hungarian as well as in English. She took part in the foundation of KiKK and is an active participant in its research.


Dr. Katalin Csekő is the Dean of Faculty of International Management and Business of the Budapest Business School (Budapest) that is deeply engaged in international business, marketing and relations. She has been working as a counsellor at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for 25 years.  She has participated in setting the rules of the usage Incoterms 2010/2020. She has expertise in international trade and its financing. In 2017 she was the year's lecturer in Hungarian Export Agency. 

DR.Katalin FehÉr

Katalin Feher Ph.D. with habilitation is a new media researcher and expert on digital trends. She is a senior research fellow at Cyber Economy Research Centre and Future of Higher Education Research Centre of the Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a Bolyai Research Fellow, a visiting professor at Masaryk University in Czechia and University of Lower Silesia in Poland, and she is also a member of the editorial board of KOME's international scientific journal. Dr. Feher has wide international experience from US, Southeast Asia, Scandinavia to Far East. Currently, she is focusing on AI-driven influence of new media. Her last paper was published by the Journal of Information Science with title “Digital identity and online self: footprint strategies”.

Dr.Tamás Gáspár

Dr. Tamás Gáspár, economist, started teaching at the Faculty of International Management and Business in 1999. He returned to the faculty in 2010 as a researcher with educational, research and organising experience of the Corvinus University of Budapest and the ECOSTAT Economic and Social Research Institute. He is a regular reviewer of publications and application documents, the member of editorial boards of two international journals. For action research, he got a pedagogical, teaching degree, regularly teaching and researching among elementary students too. He also developped special educational trainings with his PE teacher colleague.

Dr.Tímea Juhász

In 2018 Juhász Tímea received  habilitation grade at István Széchenyi University. From September of 2019 she is a senior researcher of Budapest Business School. She researches and publishes in wide range of topics. Her main research area is: knowledge management, work-life coordination, digitisation and labour market issues.

Dr.Magdolna SASS

Magdolna Sass is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economic Sciences in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and associate professor at the Department of International Economics at the Faculty of International Management and Business of BGE. She received a candidate title (PhD) in 1998. She worked for the OECD in Paris between 1997 and 2000. Her main research fields include foreign direct investments in/of East-Central Europe and foreign trade, the internationalization of companies, post-socialist multinational companies. She participated in several domestic and international research programmes. She has more than 180 scientific publications, including a book in English and 87 journal articles, from which 20 were published in refereed foreign journals. The number of independent references to her publications is beyond 900. She is a member of the editorial boards of three scientific journals. She was the president of the European Association of Comparative Economic Studies between 2016 and 2018, currently a member of the advisory board, and one of the co-convenors of the working group of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes „Multinational Corporations”. She took part in the foundation of KiKK and is an active participant in its research.

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