Centre of Excellence for Cybereconomy

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 presents a huge challenge for the current economic system and social relationships which requires complex responses based on the expertise of various actors and scientific fields. Our Centre would like to contribute to the development of such solutions based on our expertise.


The Centre of Excellence on Cybereconomy will develop strength and capabilities to pursue internationally relevant research reflecting on the latest socio-economic challenges with good relations in the academic community as well as in the business sphere


Our aim is to develop and perform internationally competitive applied research, which creates new value for our partners and contribute to the development of the Hungarian business sector as well as to the policy-formulation in our research field. We are going to involve university students to our work and will make efforts to transmit the new knowledge into the educational activity of the faculty. An additional aim of the Centre is to channel the research efforts at the faculty and contribute to the better visibility of the research results developed by the faculty members.


Dr. Csonka László

Tudományos főmunkatárs, a központ vezetője

Dr. Katalin Antalóczy

Head of Department, College Professor, CsC

Dr. Csekő Katalin

Dékán, Intézetvezető egyetemi docens PhD

Dr. Katalin Fehér

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Tamás Gáspár

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Magdolna Sass

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Tímea Juhász

tudományos főmunkatárs

Bits of Cybereconomy

Artificial intelligence

The use of machines with human-like cognitive capabilities are diffusing in the economy and today there are already a broad range examples (from algorithms through chatbots to Sophia) on their usefulness. In the next decades the innovations materialized in those robots will give a huge impetus for economic growth building on their virtual workforce and labour productivity.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 emphasizes the diffusion of cyber-physical production systems but its impact is far more fundamental there many are talking about the fourth industrial revolution which increases the interrelatedness of physical, virtual and biological spheres. This trend is changing our understanding of the world, the economic and social structures.


The application of digital technologies overhauls the operation of the whole economy resulting in competitiveness, productivity and labour market impacts. The business environment, the operation of firms and the role of clients and suppliers is in a metamorphosis.

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